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Thursday, June 22, 2006

USDAA This Weekend

SUMMARY: It will be frigging hot for our next attempt at Nationals team qualification.

Well, it's back out to the central valley. At this very moment in Turlock, accuweather says it's 104. Gasp. And it's supposed to continue like this through the weekend.

It's an unusual weekend. They've got Jumpers and Snooker on Friday evening. And we still need 2 Jumpers and a Snooker super-Q towards our ADCH, so this is good. If we manage a super-Q this weekend, that would be our Snooker Master title AND our Snooker Champion title. On the up side, there are only 17 dogs competing in Tika's class this weekend. On the down side, that means that there will be only 3 Super-Qs for that class. That's OK, surely we can beat: Nancy Gyes and Panic, Leslie Bickel and Cate-E AND Ana, Lisa Kretner and I.C., Rob and Hobbes, Mike and Trane, Bill and Kobe, Carlene and Brenn, Olga and Luz...argh. I should never have looked at the list.

Then the rest of the weekend is just tournament classes, so we'll be doing Steeplechase and Grand Prix again, and the five classes of the Team event, which two of the three of us desperately want to Qualify in to get us to Nationals. One of our teammates ran with a different team last time and is already qualified, so hopefully that'll help *her* relax, out of the 3 of us.

If we get that Q, then Tika is fully qualified for the nationals AND that completes our Tournament Master title. So let's hope--

There are 29 teams entered, so at least 15 of them will qualify. What are all these really good people doing still competing in Tournament classes? Aren't they all qualified already?! Tell them to go away!

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