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Friday, June 16, 2006

This Weekend More For Tika and Jake

SUMMARY: Another CPE Weekend. Don't Get Cocky.

It's CPE in Madera this weekend. Last I heard, there were hardly any entries, so it should be a really fast trial and I should (?) be able to get some actual billable work done Saturday afternoon if I remember to take it with me.

I just have to keep the same mindset that I had at the Nationals--it doesn't matter, we're not going to win anything, just remain calm and have fun, fer crying out loud.

Jake's entered in a couple of runs a day again. He hasn't been wanting to play at all lately, but I've discovered that there are 2 factors, at least one of which comes into play each time, sometimes both:

*If we go for a walk fairly early in the day, and then come back and go out into the yard, he considers that to be play time and will actually look for me to get his toy out.

*If I can restrain the other dogs and then convince *him* that they're restrained, I can talk him into playing. For example, if I take him into the living/dining area and block out the other dogs, he'll always chase his squeaky forever, just like the old days. But it's just not a lot of room for him to really get moving.

I think he's just tired of having them sometimes crash into him--it's gotta hurt with his arthritis, I'm guessing. But I don't know why later in the day he thinks it's just not valid play time. Old guys. Huh.

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