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Friday, January 06, 2006

Just Busy

I'll have to describe my initial experiences with the Treat'N'Train remote goodie dispenser--good so far--but haven't set fingers to keyboard yet on that score.

We're going to leave at O-dark-hundred tomorrow morning for our first agility trial of the year, and our first since Thanksgiving. Lots of time between then and now to work on all the things that needed working on--right? But nooooo... have hardly touched an agility obstacle. With Boost, just a little bit of sequencing with jumps and tunnels and more 2-pole work in anticipation of weave poling it. With Tika--well, pretty much just a few random weave entries and occasional fast-contact practice on all 3 contact obstacles. With Jake, hmm, nothing really except a tunnel here and there. I think we've had only about 2 classes per dog since Thanksgiving, what with rain and holidays and all.

It's not like they're not exercising. Still get out into the yard once or twice a day and let them chase a toy (or Tika chase Jake chasing a toy or Boost chase Tika chasing a toy) until the tongues are falling out of the mouths. And a little work on recalls and sit stays and such for both Merle Girls.

This weekend is CPE out in Elk Grove. We've gotten email from the hosts that (a) everything was under a foot of water a week ago and it's not all dried out yet, and (b) fog has been denser than 10W oil in January so drive slowly and carefully. So I wonder how long my 2-hour drive is really going to be tomorrow morning? Guess I should plan on leaving at 4 instead of 4:30. Argh. At least the car is gassed up and I even bought ice for the cooler already this evening, so I can just get up, dress, potty the beasts, and go.

This should be a fairly relaxed weekend, since Tika finished her CATCH at that Thanksgiving trial and we're a very very very long way from our CADE. Just collecting hundreds of legs now. And Jake will never get there unless I go back to entering him in everything all the time--nahh, I think he'd still never get there. And Boost is nowhere near ready to compete yet, even if she were 15 months instead of only 11.

So we'll have fun (I hope), see our friends, hang out, run, play, and maybe come home with more ribbons.

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