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Monday, January 30, 2006

About Photos

The world-famous dogwalk-in-a-tree. Also, while the upper part of this apple tree is bulging buds for springtime flowering (in January! Don't you love California?), this one lower sprout has just realized that it missed autumn completely.
The Boost at one year minus one day. Our birthday is tomorrow.

I've been wondering why all my digital photos lately have come out with this weird glowing fuzzy washed-out appearance in the middle lately. Thought my really pricey cheap digital snapshot camera was dying already. Occurred to me just now to look at the lens (duh--you new to cameras?) and--oh my--it explains a lot. I cleaned it (gasp, with a tissue, too lazy to go get the camera bag with the lens cloth) and I'll see what some photos look like tomorrow. Hey--it's a *digital* camera, it's not supposed to *need* any attention! Right?

Meanwhile, I was kicking myself, AGAIN, for not bringing home any photos from my agility Saturday up in Santa Rosa. I could've taken a photo of the covered arena at the fairgrounds. Or of that weave pole entry in the Masters Standard course that were hard to begin with, but were set right in front of a pole-and-wire fence, which was right in front of a building with a lot of vertical structural lines. Tika didn't miss the entry, but that's because I think in retrospect that she didn't see them at all, so after the preceding jump she turned immediately towards me (so it wasn't a refusal), and by the time I got her turned around in the right direction again, she was lined up with a clear view.

Wanted to take a picture of Boost's sister, Bette, who looks so much like her. Lots of things I could've snapped. But do I ever think of it during the day at the trial? Nooooo...

So for the momentyou'll have to be satisfied with photos of mulch and other random things that would hold still long enough to photograph. I'll try to do better this coming weekend at the VAST trial in Turlock.

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