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Thursday, November 17, 2005

One of those Days--

OK, this had nothing to do with dogs. Except that I've been feeling a little tired and unenthused about dealing with Real Life now that I'm back in it, including playing with or training dogs.

Met with my newish financial advisors to find out why their previous employer claims that they were terminated and have legal action against them. They're upset about that and say that it's the other way around. I got a plausible story, though, but none-the-less this wasn't something that I wanted to be in the middle of. I stopped at Home Depot on the way home to pick up a few things that I need. Didn't want to spend too much money but it's about time to replace that CO2 detector that went south last month, the power strip in the garage in which at least one outlet doesn't work, and etc. Happened to notice that the 2006 Thomas Bros map books are out, and my sad disintegrating ancient copies need replacing. So I popped 2 of the books into my stack. The total came up and I just about fell over backwards. Of course the books had no prices on them--no one would buy them if they did, I'm sure. That's about $65 worth of map books. I had to think about it on the way out to the car and I've decided that they're going to have to go back. So that means another trip.

I stopped at Subway to get some lunch. Ordered my usual Deli-Style Roast Beef. Took it home with me. Sat down for a nice relaxing meal--and the roll was as hard as a rock. Yuck. I couldn't even eat it. Ate the filling but not the roll.

Tried replacing the power strip and the new one doesn't work AT ALL. At least now I've got 2 reasons to go back to Home Depot. Not like I really want to spend the time.

Housemate cooked pizza this evening and invited me to have some. Crust burned pretty solidly. So we scraped the toppings off and ate them. That was tasty but not quite complete, if you know what I mean.

My credit union has switched to a new method of signing in that's more secure. Took me 10 minutes to get through all the mumbo jumbo when all I wanted to do was to transfer some funds. Then it ceased to let me sign in any more. STill haven't managed to transfer the funds.

I guess the day could've been worse. Just lots of little annoying things all day. And I'm REALLY tired, and once again I've done almost no work-work today.

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