a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Jake Turns Fourteen

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jake Turns Fourteen

As of November 1, Jake is officially 14 years old. To celebrate, he decided that he was willing to play a never-ending game of fetch yesterday afternoon. Sometimes in recent months he doesn't want to play at all, or has to receive a graven invitation. But yesterday he asked for it and gleefully kept at it, Tika and Boost chasing him or escorting him or preceding him down the field the whole time. He seemed quite happy about the whole experience.

I had just played with him a bit and was setting up the yard to practice jumping with Tika, when the housemate arrived home, and Jake took him the toy. Housemate was pleased to just throw it and throw it; apparently Jake hasn't been willing to play fetch with him for months now, and so he enjoyed finally having a chance. They both tried to make up for lost time. I finally called it off when I noticed Jake's rear legs stumbling a bit, after he had already obviously slowed down. But it was a good long game.

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