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Friday, October 29, 2004

To Dog or Not to Dog, That is the Question

A friend who just got her new puppy asked, When're YOU getting a new babydog!?

I'm thinking slowly about it. My goal all along has been to have about 4 to 5 years between dogs' ages. Tika will be 4 in February, which means that the dog I'd want hasn't been born yet.

I'm torn, though. With three dogs in the house who get along really well, I don't want to introduce a problem like I had between Remington and Jake, which was a real stresser. And my budget is stretched beyond its limit, so thinking about additional vet bills, additional classes, and so on is a bit scary. Until I get all that straightened out and steady, I'm not sure I want to add to it.

On the other hand--I'll be down to only one agility dog, and what if she's sick or injured? I suppose then I could just go take a real vacation (smiley face) but I'd probably fret about not being out doing agility.

So I haven't thought really hard about a puppy from a known breeder or another rescue mix. Another rescue mix: I like how my dogs are distinctive but of course it's a crapshoot getting the right dog-- From a breeder: What breed? I don't know. I just don't think I want a Border Collie like everyone else even though I've always liked them--hmm, unless it's a really beautiful blue-- Or how about an Aussie like Paul Kirk's? The tall skinny short-haired really fast type? Or maybe something small for a change so I'm not competing against BCs all the time?--although I'm not really a small-dog person, I don't think--never that fond of shelties, don't particularly care for JRTs, Papillons are definitely not my style.

I've liked the looks of Malinois since I first saw them in agility, but I'll bet they're a lot more expensive than mixed breeds. :-) Then I saw a field Lab this last weekend at the CPE that got me quite excited. Not at all stocky like the show Labs, halfway between there & Remington, and very fast! Although I've preferred Goldens to Labs for many many years--and after watching (I've forgotten her name already--the lady in Flying Rearendas)'s goldens (Ted? and ?), hmm... but talk about not being able to tell the dogs apart from one another!

I've got plenty of time to think about it. And Mo and Gina have both said they'd be delighted to keep an eye out for a rescue or shelter dog for me. :-)

Or I could do like (one of our instructors) and get 2 puppies (BC and Sheltie...) at the same time! Crazy woman.

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