a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Some Agility Statistics

Monday, October 18, 2004

Some Agility Statistics

There were 212 dogs entered in this last weekend's trial. It was a medium-to-small trial.
  • 73 were Border Collies.
  • 28 were Australian Shepherds. (Including Tika, whom they still had listed as a Craussie.)
  • 17 were Shelties.
  • 18 were All-American (including Jake, entered as a Semidachshund as always).
  • 12 were Pembroke Welsh Corgis. (And an additional 3 were Cardigans.)
  • 5 German Shepherds.
  • 5 Jack Russells.
  • 4 Labs.
  • And 47 other dogs representing a total of 26 other breeds.

31 of the dogs had earned at least their ADCH. Five of them are in Jake's Wednesday night class (not including instructors but including Jake, of course); five more of them collectively belong to my dogs' three assorted instructors. 18 of them are fellow Bay Team members.

This trial didn't list dogs by age; at the TRACS trial 3 weeks ago, with 179 dogs, there was one 12-year-old dog (Jake) and one 11-year-old dog; jumped to eight 10-yr-olds. There were none older. Highest quantity was 5-yr-old dogs with 32. Dogs can't compete in USDAA until they're 18 months; only 2 entries were less than 2 years old; 2-yr-olds jumped up to 22.

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