a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Off to the Races

Friday, February 20, 2004

Off to the Races

Here come another two days of USDAA competition. Our last was 2 weeks ago, when both dogs managed only one qualifying score each. The crowd is going wild with anticipation:
  • Will it rain all weekend?

  • Will there be minitornados? (weather service issued a warning today for Salinas area)

  • Will Tika get the up contacts on her dogwalks and finally get that last annoying novice standard leg?

  • Is Jake healthy? Will he run? Will he jump?

  • Will Jake get another of the only 2 gambles remaining for his Performance "championship"?

  • Will Tika stay at the start line every run? Even if she merely stands up but doesn't move forward?

  • Will Ellen be awake and alert?

  • Will either dog earn a Grand Prix qualifying score towards getting into the Nationals this year? (Both got the required 2 last year but so far this year both are 0/2--or is that 0/1? I'm losing track--)

  • Will USDAA ever get its act together and decide to announce whether the Nationals will be in TX or AZ? (Makes a big difference to those of us CAers who can't get to Texas.)

  • Will Tika leave all the bars up in her Jumpers run?

  • Will Jake get a whole bunch of Q legs and manage to squeeze up into the top-200-lifetime-points earners? (I haven't double-checked to see whether there are new titles posted--he was 206 in September but probably other dogs have been out competing and earning points and we haven't been.)

  • Will Ellen die of starvation after forgetting to take a lunch because this is the first trial in over 100 trials and 8 years of competition that is not making food available on site at all?

Stay tuned, same dog time, same dog channel.

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