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Monday, February 23, 2004

Another Day At The Races

Jake at agility trial when he knows I've got goodies in my hand
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Day 2:

  • It drizzled most of the morning Sunday but began to clear up by noon.

  • Still no tornados except metaphorically on the agility course.

  • Tika did 4 dogwalks over the course of the weekend and got all of the up contacts. Go figure.

  • Jake remained looking very healthy. Ran wonderfully.

  • Again, Tika stayed nicely at the start line for all 3 classes.

  • Ellen was more awake and alert than on Saturday, but at the end of the day more droopy.

  • Tika did not leave all the bars up on her Jumpers run; knocked one in the middle somewhere. Good thing she got her Standard leg Saturday, though, because Sunday she knocked the bar on the first jump. And she knocked the bar on the first jump in Snooker, too. Only one tiny little bar each run standing between us and success--her Standard and Jumpers runs were beautiful otherwise. She was within half a second of the winning Jumpers time.

  • Jake earned a total of 4 qualifying scores for the weekend, adding another Standard and a Jumpers. Haven't checked the USDAA site still to see whether they have more recent top-200 standings.

  • Ellen mostly forgot to eat breakfast and ate only part of her lunch but she had a nice dinner with a friend on the way home at the Black Bear restaurant in Gilroy.

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