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Monday, January 05, 2004

Fence, Glorious Fence--

Wayyy back when I moved in, and the hunnerd feet or so of back fence kept falling in, the neightbor wasn't interested in paying for half a fence.

I think his wife finally got tired of having to send him out every couple of days to nail together rotting boards that their dog or my dog (or a collaboration) knocked out of the rotting frame--and tired of the miles and miles of old cruddy plywood and random pieces of lumber that they had stacked against the fence on their side to cover the really bad parts.

What did I care--I didn't have escapist dogs and MY side was covered with a truly fine shrubbery!

But the wife finally came around and started pestering me on Christmas Eve. She already had a fence guy at work on their fence with the other neighbors.

So today he has arrived to spend 2 days dismantling the old fence (done by mid-morning) and install new fence. Which means no unsupervised dogs in the yard. My beasts have always had doggie door access, so we have no agreement on how canine inhabitants can signal that they need to visit the large grassy (and mulchy) dog restroom facilities. I've been taking Tika out on a long leash, where she whines and bounces around and does nothing in the way of Business. Jake marks a few shrubs and periodically trots thru the shubbery to the other yard since I hadn't yelled at him not to in the previous 15 seconds.

Fortunately he comes back when I yell loud enough. I doubt that Tika would return that quickly.

Still much debate about whether Jake's going deef, blind, crippled, senile, or just curmudgeonly (in a nice sort of way).

If it weren't for da dogs, who'd care about fences & mulches? These critters are getting to be an expensive hobby. ["Getting" to be???]

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