a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sunrise, Sunset, and oh boy More Daylight!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Sunrise, Sunset, and oh boy More Daylight!

SUMMARY: Pacific northwest advantage

I'm living in northwestern Washington state now. A little different from San Jose. And the differences are big when one wants to count hours of sunlight (at least nominally) pouring into one's eyeballs.

For tomorrow, here:

Sunrise: 6:21

Sunset: 8:02

Back in San Jose:

Sunrise: 6:33

Sunset: 7:43

Soooo a magnificent 20 minutes more already for evening strolls. And twilight lingers longer, as well. Niiiiice. 

The winter won't br so generous but, hey, I've got the whole summer still to look forward to.

April 10, 7:52 PM: Looking up 12th street by our house (not visible here)

April 10, 7:52 PM: Looking down in the opposite direction towards Puget Sound and the ferry.


  1. I'm unreasonably excited about your move. I'm hoping with the new hip (knee?) that you'll be mobile enough to go exploring and I'll get to see all sorts of wonderful and beautiful things!

    1. Sadly, the other knee needs serious intervention now. Not to mention the spine... BUT it's a lovely place to be and I'm taking a few photos here and there but mostly of the dog(s).