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Thursday, August 30, 2018

A bouquet of AKC dogs--

SUMMARY: Which would you pick?

I'm not a big AKC fan for various reasons, BUT their different breed groups were what I memorized as a child. I could recite all of the dogs in each group well into my college years.  (Somewhere in there, though, I discovered that the world contains hundreds of other wonderful breeds.)

This came around on FaceBook and I couldn't resist:

If you could own one dog from each AKC Group, which would you choose? This can be a breed you currently own, have owned or would like to own! 

(I add: Or you can expand your horizons and view the breed groups from around the world as consolidated in Wikipedia. Or from the widest-spread international organization, the FCI, who groups them differently than everyone else.)

  • Sporting - Labrador Retriever, from working/agility lines, not the overly stocky/chunky show type
  • Working - German Pinscher maybe
  • Herding - Blue merle Border Collie or Australian Shepherd or several others 
  • Hound - Maybe Irish Wolfhound
  • Toy - Maybe Manchester Terrier
  • Non-Sporting - Poodle
  • Terrier - Border Terrier or Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier or Parson Russell
  • Miscellaneous - The members of this class vary over the years as they become more widely accepted and moved into the other classes, and as other rarer breeds start to become popular.  From what's there right now, maybe a Norrbottenspets or Mudi
  • Foundation Stock Service - Not really a breed group. Mostly breeds who don't want to be AKC conformation dogs, is my personal thought. Maybe Sidney Thomson-- that is,  Kromfohrl√§nder-- or Danish-Swedish Farm Dog or Kelpie

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