a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Autumn Washes Towards Winter Running Towards Spring

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Autumn Washes Towards Winter Running Towards Spring

SUMMARY: A photo

On the day after Christmas, a friend and I took our cameras and ambled up the trail running along a forest stream at Hidden Villa in the late afternoon, tucked between two ridges and dark and shady.

We were past the shortest day of the year, yet just starting winter. Now the days will slowly grow longer, the trees will finish shedding their last leaves, rain and chilly days will come more and more often... until, suddenly, only a month or so from today, the first hints of spring appear (today I noticed that the hyacinth and daffodil foliage is very tall and thinking that it might be ready to start forming buds).

Welcome to California.


  1. Boy am I behind! I missed this photo somehow, and I imagine that by now you're well into spring. Anyway. This is really really pretty. Was it ice? It could be your winter shot...and then you need to do a spring, summer and fall similar shot. For me please... :)

    1. It's not ice, it's the way the light reflected in that dark shady stream. I was enchanted and took a bunch of photos. I did adjust contrast & some color afterwards so that it really stood out.

      Well, we never actually got to winter... a couple of rainy days in Jan, never particularly chilly (as in, no frost in the morning, ever) and then going into February we started setting heat records for that date almost daily for 2-3 weeks. Now, suddenly, yesterday was the first rain of the month, very rare, and the last few mornings I've had frost. Daffodils are already past blooming for the most part, I think tricked by all that warm weather.