a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Guess Who's Here From Across The Pond!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Guess Who's Here From Across The Pond!

SUMMARY: Welcome, Mr Fox No.12

Human Mom has a package! A royal package!

From On Corn Walum, as the ancients say-- What could it be -- or WHO?!

Everyone sniffs.  Border Collie is ready to herd anything that might emerge.

Everyone sniffs. Chip iz sayz: "Oh! Oh! Iz cud bes Mistur Fox?!"

Me Zorro like fox.
Human Mom is not sure what he means by that.

It is He!
Mr Fox No.12 says that he has never before had such a rough and tightly-packed crossing...

...and would some Assistant-type please bring a comb?

Ahhhhh! Feels so much better! Perhaps a little wine for relaxation?

Mr Fox notes that he noticed a note of note in his vehicle of transport, but asks that perhaps the Human Mom would please read it quietly to herself, as he was offered no in-flight movie or magazine and thus was forced to read it several hundred times to himself as his only source of entertainment.

Mr Fox No.12 contemplates whether, after such an arduous journey, he is ready at this time to get to know Mr. Zorro better.

He is glad to see that other household members show the appropriate respect due his rank.

However, for the nonce, Mr Fox No.12 believes that he shall take a bit of a rest with his newest friend, who also shows appropriate respect, and he shall give everyone an update when he has recovered from his travel ordeal. And suggests that the Human Mom thank Sidney for allowing him this opportunity to mingle with the Colonists to better understand them and report back to Sidney HQ.

Thanks, Sidney!

- Human Mom

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