a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Great Old One: Boosthulhu

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Great Old One: Boosthulhu

SUMMARY: Some toys just name themselves, especially when Elder Gods are involved.

Most of my dogs' toys have names. Most of them are pretty obvious. But some are obvious only to former residents of Arkham, MA.

Boost knew many of the names, as in fetching the toy by name. This includes the toy fondly known as "Cthulhu-Face".

(These were originally posted on Facebook in October '15.)


  1. We have named Katie's toys too....most are obvious. I'm not sure if she really knows the names, or just gets lucky when she picks the one we ask for. Mostly we ask for her favorites, so it's probably just luck. Then again, whichever toy is new is her favorite for a time.

    1. I'm always surprised and delighted when my dogs start knowing the names of their toys. I don't do anything other than just use the terms over and over and over while we're playing with them, and I don't know why it should surprise me, but somehow it's just a wonderful thing! Katie might indeed know the names. You could certainly experiment to find out.