a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: New Big Fluffy Toys

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Big Fluffy Toys

SUMMARY: Lambchop, poor little Lambchop.

Oddly--or maybe not--I couldn't get over Luke and/or Chip trying to disembowel the giant squirrel toy that I bought for Remington the Squirrelhünd when he completed his NADAC championship. None of Tika or Jake or Boost was ever as excited about it, so it has remained intact in the living room behind the chair with the Special Living Room Toys for a dozen years, although we all played with it from time to time.

New dogs--Luke loved it! But when one or the other of he or Chip started to open up a seam and pull its stuffing out, I hid it away.  Silly human emotional things over a probably inexpensive toy.

SO I ordered these (about $13 each) from a favorite, Chewy.com, the other day, and they're already here! (One of the reasons I love that site.)

And here's what happened.

(1) Joy!

(2) True love!

(3) Destruction!  (Nice work, Chip, didn't even take 15 minutes before you started in on him.)


  1. Haha.

    When I saw your video on facebook, I wondered how long it would be before your living room was filled with stuffing. Astra had a set of fleece toys for years without killing them, but the dogs I've had since are big on disembowlment and "squeakectomizing" them. Flick in particular can get a squeaker out and punctured in something like thirty seconds.

    1. Of my previous 6 dogs, neither Tika nor Boost were big on that game--sometimes a seam would tear or the like and then stuffing would come out. Tika enjoyed disemstuffing them enough that I bought her a ball toy designed for little balls inside to come out. She loved that for about 2 days and that was it. Jake, when overstimulated by squeaky games, would chew up anything that had a squeaky in it, but otherwise not. Remington wasn't big on chewing stuff up. My husky Sheba wasn't even particularly interested in toys except a deflated beach ball. I don't honestly remember what Remington was like. But, in other words, I'm not used to toys that last only 15 minutes instead of 15 years!

    2. Of course on the last one I meant Amber, not Remington.

  2. Katie still has every toy she's ever received. No interest in de-stuffing at all. I've sewn 2 up that accidentally wore out at a seam. She seems to have favorites...for about a week or 2 and then moves on to a different favorite. New toys are ALWAYS favorites for about a week. I don't know what I'd do if she destroyed them in minutes.

    1. Katie is such a good girl!

    2. P.S. My sister's dog is predictably destructive in terms of removing stuffing. So she just keeps restuffing the critter with its removed innards (no sewing it back up; that would be pointless) until the critter becomes so tattered that it can no longer be restuffed. Then gets another one.