Saturday, August 29, 2015

I have thousands of photos to sort, label, and edit

SUMMARY: So I decided to experiment with Photoshop Elements--

--the tool that is now on version 11 or so and that i've been using since about version 2.

You know how when you first get a creative tool, you play around with everything to see what it does?  Well, I wanted to get back to that mindset for a little while here, because one forgets (plus they keep adding features, go figure).

Just saving some of the fun I had.

The original JPEG from the camera.
I started with the RAW file, which was similar to the JPEG, and did the normal tweaks to get it to look better and normal.
This is playing with the Levels curve, sliding midtones pretty much all the way to the left.
Also I converted it to black & white and played with the various possible B&W filters/settings to get something that appealed to me (this is based on the Newspaper setting.

Mwah hah hah haaaaaa... Discovered what fun the Transform tool can be!
And the Recompose tool!

Holy Magic Extraction Tool, Batman! How did I miss that this awesome tool existed? Love love love how simple it was to extract part of the photo!
OK, kids, that's all for today. Go thou and create.


  1. Wow. I never tried the recompose thingy!

    1. I'm not entirely sure what the real use is yet, but it amused me when I tried it randomly.

  2. Wow. I never tried the recompose thingy!