a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Past and Present

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Past and Present

SUMMARY: Dogs in front of the hot tub.

Update Feb 6: Additional photos

2002: Tika, Jake, Remington

Check out Tika's tipped-over ear tips! That pretty much went away very quickly and they went upright, with one tending to tip backwards.  Look how comfortably they're all sitting--these are dogs who are extremely accustomed to sit-stay!

2015: Tika, Boost, Chip (better arrangement of dogs and better poses than the one I originally posted)

2015 again: Love Chip's expression!

2015: Tika, Boost, Chip (the original photo I posted)

Tika now can't sit very comfortably and not surprisingly kept standing up (this is her in the process of getting up already, even though she was the last to be seated, and hence put her ears back as she did so).   Boost looks like she's accustomed to sit-stays although she's nearly doing the border collie vulturing thing.  Chip--was very concerned about why I wanted him to come over and why I wanted him to sit, and it shows a bit. But I did get his tail on the same side as Remington's!

I took a bunch of shots and this was the best. Might try again with chip closer to the camera and to Boost.  Never satisfied--

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