a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: It's Raining! It's Raining! It's Raining!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Raining! It's Raining! It's Raining!

SUMMARY: I know that it's not a miracle, but--

Looks like it will be measurable rain. Can't even remember the last time this happened. April? March?

I hope that it keeps up enough to help my yard, or those of my many friends who have turned off their irrigation in this drought.

More, I hope that it's raining where the King Fire still runs out of control--95,000 acres and counting. 148 square miles (384 sq. km). That's three times the size of San Francisco and coming up quickly on the entire city of San Jose, which sprawls up and down and across this valley, housing a million people, and includes many square miles of open land.

8,000 people currently fight this fire, which threatens 12,000 individual homes as they try to hold it back.

This is not the biggest fire we've ever had (although it rapidly approaches the top 20), and it's not the only fire currently burning in California, but we have agility friends who live in the area, and it's the worst going at the moment.

But--it's raining!


  1. Glad it rained...hope it rains again very soon. Not my typical wish..but for you guys out there, I"d like to ship some of our rain! It's rained all summer, we mow the grass 1 or 2 times a week, very unusual to still be doing this at the end of Sept.

    1. Oh, Dawn, the news was very good for the King fire--went from about 40% contained to over 70% in less than 2 days because of the rain dumped on it and the cooler, damper, weather! Looks like my yard got about half an inch--which is more than the average rainfall for the entire month of September. Now we're looking at en extended dry spell again, but it was something! Your groundwater supply should be very full by now. Do you have much in the way of reservoirs out there or is it all pumped from groundwater, rivers, and lakes?

    2. It's all pumped from lakes...and some of us are on wells.

    3. Lucky to have all those large ponds near you. ;-)