a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Chip is out and lost and scared

Friday, July 04, 2014

Chip is out and lost and scared

SUMMARY: Effing illegal fireworks.

He was OK when I was out Tuesday evening. I didn't think I needed to worry about the evening of the 3rd, and I was planning on being here on the 4th.

He's gone. Tore up his feet and/or mouth trying to get out, and my doorframe and metal miniblinds (most likely the source of all of his bloody footprints).

I got home at 10 and then went out looking for him. Also posted on the Next Door neighborhood list and craigslist. At about 1:30, after making a flyer, I saw an email that said that someone had seen a scared, lost-looking big white dog down by the VTA/chynoweth station. That's well over a mile from here.

I went back out and can you believe it two of my neighbors have been out looking, too--the ones who saw him in their car and another who saw our messages online.

No sign of him. My back is in agony and starting to spasm--more meds are in order.

Will try to get some sleep and decide what to do next in the morning. Hoping that someone just calls me; he does have my phone numbers on his collar. He's also microchipped but silly me I'd been meaning to getting around to finalizing that I'm Chip's new owner with his previous owner, but didn't. His previous owner's phone # on the microchip registration is no longer in service, and there are no alternatives given. I did call the registry and send in a transfer per their instructions tonight, but who knows whether it'll get updated or not.


  1. Check your local shelters for sure, as animal control does pick up a lot of lost dogs at this time of year :( I'd guess they're closed on the fourth, but our local shelters (here in Sacramento) post images of recently impounded dogs and cats on their web site, so maybe yours do the same thing?

    I hope you find him soon! We reunited a lost dog with his owner on craigslist a while back (he just plopped himself down on our front porch), so the web can definitely be an ally.

    1. Thanks. Yep, right off the bat I posted on Craigslist and I was all over the shelter's online postings. They are closed this whole weekend, but someone who works with the shelter often told me today that the side door is open early and all weekend for people who are missing pets. Fortunately I ended up not needing to go over there--see the followup post!