a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Checking In

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Checking In

SUMMARY: How's Tika and everyone and everything.
Thanks, everyone who's asked about Tika.

She still thinks she's good, just her stamina seems to be getting lower all the time. She still plays tug with full ferocity; still runs after the toy or frisbee full speed--nothing wrong with her limbs or bones or muscles. But I suspect the heart just makes her tire much more quickly than she'd like. The last couple of days she's been coughing a lot again. Then, tonight, we drove up to class, and I didn't hear any cough from her for three and a half hours. Got home, had doggie dinners, everyone's lying around before bedtime, and now she's coughing again. Maybe there's something in the environment here? Wish I could guess what it is.

I'm still treating my back and foot tenderly, and I'm just dang tired of it. Why don't things just heal up the way they used to when I was 13? Or even 20? Although--well--I still remember, my freshman year in college, the ankle injury received by being between two flag-football player bodies going in opposite directions at the same time. Hurt for months.

Anyhooos-- Because, as one person put it, I have all this money and time just lying around with nothing better to do, I entered Boost in all classes at the two-day SMART USDAA that's coming up in a week, and then also all classes at the FOUR-day Regional the following weekend. I can barely totter around a field, what makes me think I can do four days of agility? At least it's just with one dog.

I signed Tika up for a single Jumpers run at the SMART trial to use as her real, final, complete retirement run. Not sure what I'll do to celebrate that with other attendees--still pondering options. Undoubtedly something with sugar in it. Because that's the way I roll.

Meanwhile, I left the Merle Girls with friends (the family of Bump, Styx, and Dig) for four days...   something I've never done before (dogs have always stayed at my house when I take off for a vacation... and the friends provided photos!

They had trouble finding Boost the first evening--

All the dogs got to go on a fun tour of the Stanford University Campus. Bump *always* has something to say, and Dig is always monitoring the situation.

Wet Booster Collie.

The Merle Girls meet the Rodin Sculpture Garden. What ARE all those giant people pointing at?

Visiting the Stanford family mausoleum.

...while I went off to Tuolumne Meadows at 8400 feet in Yosemite. It was gorgeous. I love it up there.

No mosquitos was a bonus. Walked a very few miles here and there, but hardly anything at all, and my foot and back really felt it quickly.Very glad to stop for lunch in the shade alongside the Tuolumne River.

 Disappointed that I couldn't do more. Couldn't even walk the length of the Meadows and back (well, it's VERY long). But got a lot of photos that I'm still sorting through, and I was VERY happy to be there, and to be there with good friends...

... and nothing to worry about except whether to have a frosty (soft ice cream) cone *every* day. [Answer: Well, duh!]


  1. Looks like the dogs had a nice vacation too. Do those people have a pool just for their dogs?

    1. The "pool for dogs" is actually a fountain on the Stanford campus.

  2. I'll be there bringing my applause and cheer for when you run Tika. Tika last run will be celebrated!!!! Hope your ankle is feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks, Vici! P.S., it's my dang toe joint, not something so simple as an ankle, which I could at least tape up if it were.

  3. Must be neat getting to see photos of what your dogs were up to when you were away!

    I am proud to say that I know how to pronounce "Tuolumne", thanks to your blog :D

    I'm not quite at half-life yet (almost) and am already starting to get sore knees, sore feet, etc... It's all downhill from here then, eh? Sigh.

    1. Maybe the sore knees, feet, etc. are just just a stage you're going through. Me, too. Maybe.

      Tuolumne-- There's actually a sound file on the Merriam-Webster site that pronounces it, too:
      I think most people say it quickly enough that it sounds more like 3 syllables than four (as I noted in that previous post to which you refer).

      I've been assuming that everyone knows how to pronounce Yosemite. (And it ain't YOZE mite.)

  4. It ain't?! Oh man... ;)

    A stage, eh? Yes, I like that theory and I'm sticking to it.

  5. Well DUH for SURE! :) Glad you had fun, wish your back and foot thing would go away. Glad TIka's feeling as good as she is, good luck with the retirement run...and glad the girls had fun while you were out gallivanting around!

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I'm pleased with how the dog-sitting turned out; wasn't sure they'd settle in, but they did. Whew!