a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Monday Morning Blues

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

SUMMARY: Just one of those mornings.

Also sing today's song to the tune of Darling Clementine, because I created my own earworm yesterday and it won't go away.

Oh my darling
grown-up doggie
you're no longer just a pup
Yet you peed
upon my carpet.
In what barn did you grow up?

When I got up this morning and put my feet on the floor, yup, a wet spot. Don't know who did it or when or why, and no one's talkin'. I don't remember anyone being restless or trying to get my attention during the night, and I'm usually (sometimes too much) aware of their movements and when they thud-jump off the bed. No recollection at all.


Soooo I cleaned as best I could with my Bissell Spot Lifter using just water, then applied generous doses of Nature's Miracle.  Spot Lifter and Nature's Miracle--two products that a dog owner with carpets really can't live without! Wish I'd known about them 30 years ago instead of only 10.

But the motor on the Spot Lifter is going south. I ran it down completely several times and then recharged, but it didn't help.  This is my second one; the first one  just wouldn't run one day. So looks to me like their lifespan is around 5 years. But it's so amazingly useful in my life that I'll keep shelling out the $50 every 5 years. Heck, that's not much more than entering Grand Prix and Steeplechase at any one USDAA trial.

And now, for a gratuitous photo because I can.

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