a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Hopes Are Up

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hopes Are Up

SUMMARY: A good evening in class.

I love going up in the hills to class at this time of year.

A few pointers from the instructor.

Sunset over the south Bay Area. South end of san Francisco Bay
is the light area near the horizon on the right.

The only bar that Boost knocked all evening came while I  struggled to get my handling correct for a tight backside/wrap and she pretty much crashed the jump and jump wing; not her fault. She ran fast, worked away from and ahead of me, had lovely contacts. And I mostly got to where I needed to go, but boyyyy do I need to start doing some sprints at home (have I said this before?). It felt great.

EXCEPT for the dang left turn into the weaves. Yes, her long-time bugaboo has returned in force. I finally took her off to the back field for a bit of remedial weave entries and she was starting to get it again. Otherwise, her weaves were their usual amazing speed and she stayed in them even when I moved a long way away laterally. And entrances while bearing *right* were awesome.

Tika got one practice run at 16". She's just not confident about her moves when she can't hear me, but she looked happy to be doing it, and that was the point.

Waiting our turns.

Funny things-- I hooked the Merle Girls' leashes to a pole and went to walk the first course. A minute or two later, a classmate came hurrying by with Boost pulling on her leash... Oh, no, wait, that was Boost's sister, Tcam. So funny, they pull in exactly the same way and their stance and markings are so similar.

So, halfway through the class, I finished an exercise and put Boost in a Down facing me with her back to the end of the exercise. Tcam's mom had already run Tcam, then went back a few dogs later and ran her other dog. When she finished that run, she started towards me, stopped, pointed to Boost (whose back was towards her), and said, "Is that mine or yours?" She thought she had left Tcam in that exact spot, and from behind, they are REALLY hard to tell apart! Yes, Tcam had wandered off a dozen feet or so. So clear that they are sisters! I think Boost is inspired after Tcam's amazing showing at the World championships and at the AKC nationals finals recently.

All in all, a pleasant evening, cool but not cold, good friends, the usual discussions about agility shoes (should one care more about the treads or about the fact that you can get a style that's blue and purple? Tough call), and beautiful views.

Same view, 90 minutes later


  1. I say go for the blue and purple. Aggressive tread is overrated.

    Beautiful photos of such nice views.

    1. Thanks! And so glad that your shoe priorities fall on the same side that mine do.

  2. What a wonderful spot to do agility! Love the views, the hills, the sunset...the dogs Glad Tika had a fun run and Boost did awesome as well!

  3. Holy amazing place to do agility! LOVE that sunset photo. Ahhhhhh.

  4. Nancy and Jim keep talking about eventually retiring and moving out of state. I don't think we can ever let them do that!

  5. Wish my agility practice field had such a beautiful view! Love the shoe discussion too;)As much as I'd love to buy shoes by the color, I normally am too practical and buy based on tread & budget.

    1. Oh, OK, I usually go by tread, whether they fit comfortably, and price, not color, but don't tell anyone I said so.