a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Big Eating Equals Big Shopping

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Eating Equals Big Shopping

SUMMARY: Why maybe it's not such a good idea to go shopping at 5 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving.
I tell the Merle Girls that I am merely going to the grocery store and that it will be a boring, boring trip, but they tell me that I am a boring, boring Human Mom and I had best take them for a Ride or pay the consequences. So we drive together to the grocery store down the street. The dogs offer to guard the car for me while I shop, so that's how we arrange things.

I am a good ecocitizen and am remembering to take my reusable bags into the store with me. For once.

Here is the huge area in which normally an eager shopper can find a squillion shopping carts, all the way from here all the way down to the other door down there. But today?

We must start our hunting and gathering by hunting and gathering our own shopping cart from the completely full parking facility. There's one, trying to hide behind that tree! (Shopping carts aren't very smart.)

I am another good ecocitizen because I have returned my plastic bags to be recycled. So did a bunch of other good ecocitizens.

The San Jose shoppers mindful of the American obesity epidemic, have completely cleaned out the kiosk on which boxes of freshly baked cookies are usually stacked several deep. That is perhaps so that they are saving themselves from stuffing themselves on unhealthy items like pumpkin pie and apple pie, which actually contain some actual vegetables and fruits. Better to just have cookies.

However, the Christmas cookie stock is replete if you'd like to skip ahead one holiday.

Of course you're familiar with the Eggo Waffle shortage crisis? Have you started hoarding yours yet?

I was expecting to get some nice photos of completely empty shelves as the hungry underfed American shopping mob descended like locusts upon the store. But no, the clever grocers seemed to have everything well in hand. All the veggie bins were filled to overflowing. (Hmm, cookies gone, veggies in plenty. Obesity epidemic. Coincidence?)  Oddly enough--except the brussels sprouts. I hadn't heard that brussels sprouts were a hot thing for Thanksgiving. Go figure.

Even the turkeys and hams and roasts facility contained plenty of aforementioned meat items so that no starving San Jose American would have to go hungry even if shopping at the last minute.

The big ugly part of shopping for groceries at this particular time and day is: The checkout lines. Every lane was open. Every line extended past the front walking area and up into the grocery aisles.  Crowds to the left of me--

shoppers to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle with food. (Um, I think that's how the lyrics go--)

The Merle Girls were pleased when I returned with several reusable ecofriendly bags filled with nourishing vegetables and other mostly edible matter for them to sniff thoroughly to check for possible explosives, illegal substances, or weapons of mass destruction.

Tomorrow--Salad or the Bush!


  1. When I did my shopping Monday, I saw a similar shopping cart shortage, but managed to retrieve a cart from a shopper who was returning one. I wonder if the stores have been giving clerks time off this week so they don't have enough hands to do the cart round-up.

    I have seen elephants be quite successful in hiding behind a tree just like the one the shopping cart is hiding behind. Really.

    Oh, and now that I have reconciled with my waffle iron, I don't need to hoard frozen waffles, just Bisquick. :-)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Mashed Rutabagas!

  2. I made that mistake once and vowed never again. I usually do grocery shopping during vampire hours and never the day before a major holiday. This may mean we have ketchup sandwiches for Thanksgiving but it's small price to pay to avoid that nightmare.

  3. You actually got me to click on the Eggo waffle shortage crisis.

  4. Steph: Every time I was out in the parking lot, I saw clerks herding carts back towards the store, but it was like a light rain in the desert, evaporating before it even hits the ground.

    Elayne: Ketchup sandwiches. Um. I'd be in trouble because I don't think I even own any ketchup. Not even catsup.

    Mary: An informed consumer is a prepared consumer.