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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Are All Unique

SUMMARY: Google searches don't always come up with what you expect.

For grins and giggles, Ii googled to see whether anyone has talked about me and my dogs anywhere out there behind my browser's back. I plugged in "Ellen Tika Boost Jake Remington," which you'd think would be danged unique. Eh?

Other than several pages of Taj MuttHall and The Bay Team's web site, here are some of the surprising search results (no links included, just the google-retrieved text. Really you don't need to be spending more time reading pointless web pages than you already are; am I right?):
  • Fotos de famosas y famosos -
    jake baysinger keralaerotica publicinvasion fratmentv com the brazzers asshole freevideosex .... the @ 2008-09-11 05:45:48; Ellen Muth Nudes Tika Rainn Nude ...... commonage, i'm sured that it interestingly 11 48 remington shotgun , ..... what foods boost hgh allegra printer
  • Blank--
    Remie Remington Remo Remus. Remy Ren Rena Renate. Renauld Renault Rench Rendo ..... Tiger boost Tiger lilly Tigga Tigger. Tiggy Tigo Tigra Tika. Tiki Tikiboy Tikka Tila ...... Elle Ellen Ellery Elley. Ellie Ellie mae Ellie may Ellington ..... Jak Jake Jakey Jaki. Jakoba Jalape Jalapeno Jalapeño ...
  • AEC Qualified Horses--
    Joliet Jake / Karen Schlingmann (PA) [ PH , T ] ..... Remington XXV / Densey Juvonen (PA) [ A , I ] .... Sweepea Dean / Ellen Williams (VA) [ I ] ... Tika / Skyeler Icke (VA) [ I , PH ] .... USEA Gives Amateurs a Boost Towards AEC Think you're not qualified for the 2009 Bit of Britain/USEA American Eventing ...
  • November 2008 | We Love Soaps--
    As of this afternoon, fans of AS THE WORLD TURNS' Van Hansis and Jake ...... At the tender age of 3, Ellen Wheeler (Marley Love on ANOTHER WORLD) got her first ..... She was Stephanie Zimbalist's in REMINGTON STEELE and Kate Jackson's in ...... Bree Williamson, BethAnn Bonner and Tika Sumpter (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), ...... to save the show, and to boost its ratings, ......
  • TheSims2.com - MySims - Blog--
    Remington London (male, Libra, Pizza Delivery) Aspiration: Family ...... Ellen Frost (Female, Aries), a Freshman year student majoring in Economics. ...... Tika Tiki Tikka Tikki Tiko TikTok (after the character in "The Wizard of Oz) ...... The best way to boost a relationship quickly is by having your Sim tell a ...... Andy, Parker, Randy, Matt, Finn, Jake, Forest, Travis, ......
  • 19540220 Boxoffice / February 20, 1954 -- (can't find the Boost in this one--buried somewhere--)
    The Ehte had been a "B" theatre Jake Solz and his son Sidney are ..... The theatre is owned by Rob B. Ca.se C. J. Remington, Fair Oaks, was . . . the women. .... Walla Walla, were on the Row "Tanga Tika," filmed in Tahiti by Seattle's own ...... from H. S. and Mary Ellen Waldorf for $29000, The Palace Theatre Co,, ...
  • eCampus.com ISBN Browser - 97805952
    9780595224401 : The Longest Way Home: Jake, Harry and Robert : Barnes, Arthur ...... 9780595246335 : Warriors for the Working Day : Ekstrom, Ellen L. ...... 9780595289752 : Shaasha Barta: The Book of the 41 Virtues : TIKA ..... 9780595294824 : Remington Hills : Wallace, D. Michael ...... 9780595207824 : Feeling Good for Life: The Clinically Proven Exercise and Diet System That Will Help You Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Boost Your Mood, and Conquer Depression ...
  • あっぷあっぷOfficial Blog » いちご生クリームワッフル!!!
    41mKKt0 | ellen stewart licking co ohio. トラックバック by http://www.onlyrobes.com/page.php?p=5072882 ...... Tika T3 Light Failure. knUN4t0 | Transmitt Wattage Distance ...... WmbBut0 | claas chopper hp boost ...... rCvT1t0 | jake diebler ... remington us 1917 gun stock. My2wCt0 | writing paper w borders ...

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