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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Trip Photos Available

SUMMARY: Days 1, 2, and 3 are up.

I've posted photos, with narrative, from the first 3 days of the trip in the following subfolders for your viewing convenience:

Maps of Trip

Maps of our trip, with places we stopped or noted points of interest marked with numbers. I haven't yet entered info related to those numbers.

Day 1A Romero Visitor Center San Luis Reservoir

(#2 on the map.) My theme the first two days was "We've got plenty of time!" I intended to stop at every intriguing place that I usually whip by on my way to dog agility events. First up, an hour into the trip: Romero Visitor Center at the San Luis Reservoir, which is 9 miles long and 5 miles wide and very hard to miss as you skirt its shores along highway 152.

Day 1B San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery May 2008

(#3 on the map.) I've often passed the sign pointing up route 33 towards Santa Nella and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. But this is not an important stop for motivation on the way to dog agility events. This time I wanted to see it. Turns out that it's in the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, which is very way out in the middle of nowhere. It's quite peaceful. Just the place to put an expansive lawn and reflecting pools: the middle of a semidesert. But at least it's near a reservoir.

Day 1C Los Banos Park and Museum, Sunset

(#4 on the map.) It's nearly 2:00 in the afternoon now, and technically we're still only an hour from home, so we still have 6 hours of driving to do today. So much for having lots of time! Still, we decide to take the more interesting 99 south instead of the barren I-5, which means cutting across on 152 through Los Baños.

Day 2A Calico Ghost Town

(#7 on the map.) My chosen goal for our first night's sleep was the campground at Calico Ghost Town, just outside Barstow, so that, in the morning, we could tour the town. It has been considerably restored and touristized, but still an interesting place to browse around.

Day 2B Kingman, Seligman, I-40, and Route 66

A very hot drive through the eastern California desert and on into Arizona. With a brief stop at the Historic Route 66 Museum in Kingman.

Day 3 Hike from Hualapai Hilltop to Supai

We left Seligman around 6:30, arrived at Hualapai Hilltop around 8:30, and started our descent. Arrived in the village of Supai midafternoon and kicked back in the heat. Lots of rocks and cliffs and sky and trail photos, plus flowers, dogs, horses, mules and even antelope.

IMPORTANT: Have uploaded only a portion of days 4-7, none with labels. There will be more coming later. View at your own risk of missing the better pictures (these were only a few shots of less important things with the cruddy camera).


  1. The pictures are wonderful, and I've only made it through the first 7 pages. My favorite so far is on page 3, the erosion one near the end of the page. I think it looks sort of like a petrified person or animal laying on its side. Cool photo. Though I agree the red cliffs and blue sky are spectacular! Looks like a great trip

  2. Thanks. I found that any rock formation that I stared at long enough started to take on characteristics of things other than just rocks. Interesting how the mind and the eyes want to make meaning out of things.