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Thursday, August 23, 2007

USDAA This Weekend

SUMMARY: Goals and backlogged

Well, I haven't even posted part 2 of my Central Valley travelogue from last weekend, and here it is another weekend coming up.

For Boost, this is my last chance to get her *first* Grand Prix and Steeplechase Qs for this year's nationals; if she doesn't get 'em this weekend, we cannot get 2 of each for this year and therefore no nationals competing for her (unless we finally manage to do it in Team the following weekend). If she does get one of either or both, we'll have 2 more chances for the 2nd of each.

REALLY for Boost what I'd like to do is to prove that we can do good weaving poles in competition!

And, in the deep dark recesses of my soul, I'd love to get [at least] one Standard leg and one Pairs so that we can move up to Masters before the 4-ring regional next weekend so I'm not scattered in so many rings all the time between the 2 dogs.

For Tika, I'd want to get her 2nd Steeplechase Q, which would finish her nationals qualifiers for this year. Already done in Team and Grand Prix. For Grand Prix, my goal is to place, not merely Q, or die trying (i.e., wild offcourses or too many knocked bars...).

And placements in everything else for her, too. I'm not goin' for mere Qs any more! Woo! Woo!

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