a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photo Caption Contest

Monday, June 18, 2007

Photo Caption Contest

SUMMARY: Name that photo!

This photo is from my Cheesburgers in Paradise series. It's crying out for a clever caption but I didn't have one at the time I posted it. One of my classmates decided that it's a contest. I have no prize to offer--we'll do something for our in-class winner--but I thought you-all might like to participate anyway, just for the glory of it. Just add a comment to this blog with your suggested caption.

Some suggested so far (and, lest you take offense--many of these are in-class in-jokes in which the photoees participate):

1. Jen and Lisa play musical cups. (JB)

2. Jen to Lisa: "Have you seen my cup anywhere?"
Lisa to Jen: "Nope. I haven't seen it at all." (JB)

3. The Powerpaws agility program: learn all the skills you need to excel in agility. (AD)

4. Jen "It's late...."
Lisa "Did Jim say shut the gate when we leave?" (AD)

5. Jim "[pick up the] Cones !!!"
Jen "I never was very good at picking up cones"
Lisa " Me neither" (AD)

6. (addition to #5):
Jen:"Being a bar slut suits me much better".
Lisa: "Me too". (JB)

7. Did he say Sit or Down on the table? (BN)

8. My group's back! (RL (nonclass))

9. (thought balloon over Jenn's head) "Confidence breeds conference... no... competence breeds confluence... no..."
(thought balloon over Lisa's head) "I wonder where I left my beer?" (EF)


  1. And, as the game of Musical Chairs came to and end, The Cup was declared the winner, having planted its ass firmly in the middle of the last remaining chair.

  2. Oh, and as an "English Major", feel free to change that "came to and end" to "came to AN end"...

    makes a little more sense that way...