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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Favorite Dog Lyrics

SUMMARY: Songs I like to sing to my dogs.

Through the years, I've found myself singing to my dogs, and although they seem unimpressed, I'm surprised at how many top-ten hits are actually dog related. Some snippits:
  • "Smellin' Something Good" by Shake-a Khan
    (smell it, smell it, smell it)...smell it like ya love it-- - Original lyrics
  • "Dogs Just Want To Play Tug" by Cyndi Leaper
    Even better than eating a bug, ohh, dogs just wanna play tu-ug, yes, dogs just want to play tug - Original lyrics
  • "Dirty Dogs" by AKC/DC
    Dirty dogs and I've done their feet-- (For when wiping off muddy-footed canines) - Original lyrics
Surely you know some others?

1 comment:

  1. 'Master of Puppies' by Muttallica

    'Setter to Memphis' by the Mixies

    'Toy Crazy' by New Hound Glory

    Darn it, must get back to work or I'll do this all day.