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Monday, March 27, 2006

Tika's CADE Status

I mentioned that Tika's next CPE title is hundreds of legs away. That's not necessarily true. But let's go over that stuff.

The CATE (CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire) is the next big title--and the highest title in CPE. To earn it, a dog needs 20 Qs in each of Standard and the six games, plus an additional 2000 points in any combination of Qs, where 25-point Qs are in Standard, Snooker, and Jackpot; 20-point Qs are in Wildcard, Full House, and Jumpers; and 15-point Qs are in Colors. So, at an absolute minimum, after earning one's C-ATCH, one needs 220 legs (assuming that all the extra legs are in 25-point classes, which is unlikely).

There are individual Extraordinaire titles for each of the classes, which require 30 legs in that class. So one will undoubtedly acquire at least a couple of those on the way to the CADE (oops, sorry, CATE--they renamed it a couple of years ago and I still can't get it straight).

Tika's status:
Full House8

Probable *maximum* number of CPE trials for us for the rest of this year (since I definitely want to focus on USDAA while we struggle for our ADCH): 6 (you can see that I'm not going to be anywhere near my downward goal of only 12 trials for the year...).

Tika's average Qs per CPE weekend at 3 CPE trials this year: 6.

So that's another, oh, 36 Qs for this year. That leaves us short by only...ohhhhh...141 legs minimum. And if we keep up at this pace, it'll be another 3 years after that before we're even in range. Tika would be going on 10 by then. So it's likely that this will just never happen. Unless I get tired of USDAA for some reason and go to all the CPE trials in a year instead. (And I count 15 CPE trials in 2006 within about 2 hours of my house.)

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