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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Lester Property

Here's a news release about that big property behind me ("The Lester Property") that will someday be a park, dated October 28, 2003:

In a remarkable commitment to preserve the County’s rich agricultural history, Walter Cottle Lester of the Cottle Ranch family has entered into an agreement with the County of Santa Clara and California State Parks to enable them to preserve and develop 290 acres of land into a historic agricultural park. Lester gifted the County with 153.3 acres and, in a separate transaction, sold State Parks 136.5 acres at a significant discount. The County of Santa Clara will develop and manage the entire property as the Martial Cottle Park. The park’s name is significant because Martial Cottle, Mr. Lester’s grandfather, originally settled the property in the 1860s.

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