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Thursday, September 08, 2005

She's Back

Boost is doing fine after her surgery. On Wednesday, she was a bit subdued; even when off leash in the yard, she mostly stood or lay in one place, although she watched everything intently. She started to break into runs a couple of times and immediately stopped again, so I'm thinking there was a little bit of pain, but she never showed it otherwise.

She's obviously feeling better today because she's rarin' to go. We shall see what transpires--

I kept her on leash or confined most of the day. However, today will be different, and tomorrow, because I once again have to make the trek to Foster City for a good solid couple of days of work; that's too long a time to leave her crated at the moment, considering that yesterday she drank gallons and gallons of water, and peed about the same quantities every half hour or so. As a result, I need to leave her unconfined, and I can only hope that she won't be too rambunctious while I'm gone.

The housemate comes home around 3, and I'll probably leave here around 10:30, so it won't be a tremendously long time that she'll be unsupervised, but I am ever so slightly concerned about it. Oh, well, what can ya do?

They broke her crate behavior, though! I spent all day yesterday retraining her to sit and wait when I put my hand on the crate latch. Geez, we've been doing that since the day I brought her home, 4 months ago--never, EVER let her out of the crate if she wasn't sitting and waiting for the release. All it took was one day at the vet's and she wouldn't (a) sit (which admittedly was a little uncomfortable for her yesterday, but not undoable) or (b) wait! Amazing how quickly behaviors can be changed. She's almost back to normal behavior this morning, though, so it wasn't too awful.

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