a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Jakester Loves Attention

Friday, July 01, 2005

Jakester Loves Attention

Finally, after months, I've got Tika and Jake in separate classes again so they don't have to share the time (or me).

Jake was absolutely completely delighted this Wednesday evening. He chitchatted with me all evening, wagged his tail a lot, looked just thoroughly vindicated.

Our first exercise was on a challenging 20-obstacle jumpers-with-weaves course, which he absolutely nailed. I was so proud of him! Of course I had run it with Tika the previous morning in class, so I had some experience with handling it, but there's no doubt now that with Jake's deafness I have to handle him differently from Tika. (And his speed is no match for hers, either.)

But here's the thing--I think he's starting to have trouble seeing things a bit, too! Nothing really specific, just lately when I've tossed food goodies his way while other things were going on, he kept looking at me and never even registered that I was tossing goodies. THAT'S a little scary--an old, grouchy, deaf AND blind dog would be very challenging. But that's the only thing I've seen, other than that he sometimes runs right by me when I'm standing or sitting still, not seeing me, obviously looking for me. He didn't used to do that, either.

Soooo--we shall see--

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