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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mucking with Blog Format

I've just gone cruising through some of Blogger's features again and have added a 10-most-recent-posts section in the right sidebar. This is tricky, because if you click on any of the dated archive files, you'll still see the 10 most recent posts from today. HOWEVER, if you view each post as an individual page (rather than about a month at a time), you'll see the 10 posts by title previous to that post (no dates in sidebar, though).

I added a "View as separate page" link to the top of each post to make it clearer that you can do that (also easier to use those links if you want to hang onto the URL for just that one post rather than to the whole main page).

Hope this makes sense.

The "current" link in the sidebar doesn't seem to be working. In fact--I don't know that I ever fixed it to make it work. Sorry about that.

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