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Monday, May 02, 2005

Puppy Updates

Puppy was very busy over the weekend. Lots of things to see, lots of people to meet (we worked very hard on getting people to wait until she sat before petting her; she responded well but it's a long way to go), her assorted siblings to play with. She slept exhaustedly a good portion of the weekend, which i was grateful for.

Note to self: Invite lots of people over to come visit so we can practice having her greet house visitors properly.

Here's a funny thing. Two of my agility friends have puppies from the same litter. Mine is Boost, one is Bette, and the third is Beck. Where'd all those B names come from?

Boost has pretty much figured out the dog door, O The Horror. For most of her time here, she has simply jumped up at the sliding glass door after she watches Tika go through the dog door next to it, probably because she can *see* through the glass and hadn't figured out how Tika was managing to jump through it. Once she fell accidentally through the doggie door, but I saw no repeat for a few days. On Saturday, when she started jumping, she jumped exactly where Tika had gone through, and she went right through. I waited to see whether it was another accident, but last night she immediately jumped up in the general area of the dog door rather than the glass, and eventually went through.

This morning, she just went right through after Tika like a near-expert. Tika, who had probably gone through to escape the puppy, came back into the house, leaving the puppy looking at us bemusedly from the outside. I called her name several times encouragingly, and with only one or two tries, she managed to come back through the door into the house. Oh, well, there goes that barrier.

I am so worried about her picking up something bad and eating it. But I'll have to get back to the leash-and-gate confinement discussions later.

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