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Thursday, March 03, 2005

*How* many dogs?

The most promising response to my ads for a new housemate came from a 3-year member of our agility club--whom no one had ever met. She started agility classes but then didn't have time for it, so never started competing, but maintained her membership, thinking she'd get back to it eventually, I suppose.

She has--well--*two* medium-large dogs, a young female Aussie (smaller than Tika but with a similar skinny build, not the stocky show-Aussie build) and an older "Labrador-Springer" mix, but he looks like a Flatcoated Retriever to me.

That would be four dogs, for those who weren't sure about the two plus two thing. Not counting the hypothetical dog that I might want to get later this year. It could be interesting.

The young Aussie is a bit reactive to strange things--of which there seem to be many in her world--and isn't too keen on having anything to do with other dogs, but once she set the boundary very clearly with Tika, Tika wanted to have nothing to do with her, which is wise (as opposed to deciding to fight).

When Casey first moved in, Jake pretty much hid up in my bedroom for the first couple of weeks, but he eventually got over it. Tika and Casey, however, got along fine from day one.

These other two dogs apparently are great friends--male and female--and I don't really know exactly how the whole thing would work. But the woman is out of town this week and I'm waiting to hear back from her whether she wants to proceed. And meanwhile *I'll* be out of town (without the dogs! Yes!) for the weekend, so I probably won't know until next week.

I'm not sure that I'm enthused about this particular mix of four dogs, but they did spend a few minutes at the park in each others' vicinity and then in the back yard for a while (them not interested in my dogs particularly; Tika mostly hiding in the house and Jake hugging my legs). But the lady seems nice and the dogs seem basically good, so-- we'll see--

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