a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Overall Weekend Results for Tika

Monday, March 29, 2004

Overall Weekend Results for Tika

Tika after a moderate workout in the yard
Another pretty good weekend at CPE. No missed contacts. No leaving the ring. Very focused. Very fast. Great weave entries. Stayed at the start line. Insisted on lying down at the start a couple of times; once I thought i finally had her in a sit but she lay down again after I had led out to the first jump, and she was so close to it that she pretty much crashed through it.

Out of 10 runs, counting that crashed one, she knocked one bar in each of 7 runs. Not always the first one, not always on a turn. Garrill said that on one fairly straight run I turned my head (and maybe shoulders) to look where I was going next just as she went over a jump and she knocked that one.

But some of the classes were strategy games where the knocked bar was just missed points, and some classes (as in NADAC std) you can get a half Q with a knocked bar, so she Qed 8 out of 10 classes, and took 1st or 2nd in 9 classes out of about 10-15 dogs--including 1st place in her first Standard run at Level 5 (highest you can go).

I'm very happy with her progress and performance and I got a lot of compliments on several of her runs.

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