a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Greg Derrett 2-day Seminar (June 23-24)

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Greg Derrett 2-day Seminar (June 23-24)

Seminar work was almost all jumps, tunnels, weaves. We got better & better at crosses as the 2 days went on. We still need work on serpentines (we do good when they're further apart but not really close ones) and on 270-degree turns. Maybe she was just getting tired, but I like to believe that she was really pulling herself in and that my timing was getting better.

The great news is that I discovered that she really sticks her weaves once she's in there! I could veer off in all kinds of directions, laterally or ahead, and she'd finish them. Entrances are getting a little better (I've been practicing in the yard) but not perfect.

Last run was a full std course. VERY slow contacts. And then halfway through she discovered the Llama, who had come by to watch us. Lost her repeatedly (trying to follow Greg's directions on dealing with her, since it was his seminar). Argh. Same issue as with squirrels. This was just one big honking squirrel.

She *did* bite at my feet during the seminar, but not nearly as much, and I think it was getting better over the 2 days. For the finish line, Greg also said "Teach her to go out to a leash." (Same as Rachel.) I'm working on it, but slowly. She just doesn't treat a leash as a toy.

Anyway--mostly good for the last 4 days, really.

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