a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Bee Agility

Friday, May 16, 2003

Bee Agility

Here is why we use herding dogs instead of pollen-gathering insects for agility. I have this big ugly greenhouse outside my office, covering the outside back wall of my house. I have been slowly dismantling it. Where the door used to be, there is now nothing but a narrow steel frame and a huge door-sized open space. Where the lower wall next to the door used to be, there is now nothing but a narrow metal frame surrounding a huge wall-sized open space about 3' high and 5' wide. Above that, and next to the door, is the only solid surface remaining: the window, which I didn't get around to completely unscrewing.

For the last 10 minutes, a bumblebee has been trying to get out through the lower corner of the window, about 2" to the left of the gaping door-shaped space and about 2" above the gaping wall-sized space. We won't mention the whole bloomin' rest of the interior of the greenhouse in which he could buzz around to his little overstressed heart's content if he'd bother to back up about 1/4".

uh-oh... Tika is starting to watch him, now--thinking-- Nope, coming from a culture in which eating an enemy's brains imbues you with their intelligence, she apparently decided it would be a risky number to partake of Mr. Bee. So she's lying down inside the greenhouse, lazily observing and taking notes.

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