a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: NADAC trials in November & Jake's foot

Monday, October 21, 2002

NADAC trials in November & Jake's foot

And now....

Jake's foot is definitely not better. I suspect that means it's not going to be better by our NADAC trial. I can't imagine that a toe joint that's as enlarged as his is (feels hard, not swollen, but I dunno) is going to get better in less than 3 weeks.

Any hope i had that it was maybe arthritis that maybe he's been able to ignore for a while & will continue to ignore especially now that he's been taking rymadil (sp?) for a week vaporized this morning when I wasn't thinking about it much and he dropped a toy as I was walking in the yard & I kicked it & he ran for it, whined sharply, and came up limping again.

Now i have to decide whether I'll really enjoy going to NADAC trials being able to run only Remington (and Tika in jumpers & tunnelers--she's not going to be ready for contacts for November trials, for sure). And especially since now we're so close to Jake's O-NATCh and I was thinking that the odds are good we could finish it with the Bay Team & Elk Grove NADACs. I think I'll be grouchy about the whole thing if I go.

I'll go for sure to the Bay Team trial. But now I have to decide about the Elk Grove trial. Closing date is Oct 31st--I can't get in to see Dr. Rousch until NEXT tuesday, so I won't have any firm diagnosis until then (assuming that we get one even then). At least that's in time--barely, maybe--to get an entry into Starfleet if it looks possible.

The lady I talked to at Dr. R's said that, if the toe is broken, he'll probably be in a splint with minimal activity for 6-8 weeks.

You know, it's one thing to see your dog gradually get slower & older & stiffer, but to have a dog who seems to be getting better & faster every month to suddenly have something wrong with him that's sidelining him, maybe forever (what if it *is* horrid arthritis or really bad calcification from some other reason?), it's a little jarring.

Just moaning as usual... I sent in Jake's entry for bay team with a note that I might have to pull him. I guess I ought to just do that now. :-((((((((

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