Thursday, March 01, 2018

Rainy Day

SUMMARY: Wordless Wednesday (yeah so it's Thursday, what's your point?)

If you're dyin' for words, here:

(Such a challenge--if I had leaned to the right about 18", I could have gotten all the crap out of the view. However, I risked him moving when I simply very slowly leaned slightly backwards and lifted the camera off the desk (also which meant I stopped using the keyboard)--his ears immediately turned back to me, so I had to look away and make keyboard noises until his ears went forward again. Leaning slowly in the chair doesn't make much noise, but enough that dogs hear it. Clicking this one shot caused him to leap up and come over to check out what's going on. Now he's curled up in bed in the other room instead. Another dream of a perfect shot crushed. And you can see that even as I lifted the camera to my eye, his ears are already starting to point back towards me.)

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  1. Pets looking out doors and windows is one of my favorite types of photographs. :)

    1. I like doing those, too--gives you a frame, nice lighting, some character. I should just wash my windows more often!